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Pregnancy Loss changed my life forever 4 Years ago.

I experienced one of the greatest losses of my life  - the loss of my Baby Boy Deacon.

Prior to my loss, I lived a life of expectation. Ticking off the boxes of what was expected of me and assuming that was how you accessed joy, love, and freedom. Instead what I found is that I had ticked off all of the boxes of expectation, found myself on a 5+ year fertility journey, and was more often dissatisfied with my life and feeling unfulfilled more than ever feeling happy. 


When we lost Deacon, I found myself in a place in my life where there was no box to tick. I didn't know anyone that had experienced a loss like this and as I began to talk more and more about it, more people were coming forward to tell me that they had gone through their loss alone and didn't have anyone to talk to about their loss.


I realized that I was on a new journey. There was no one to guide me through it and I was required to create my own healing journey - pioneering the healing experience. 


My healing journey from loss is one that I hold sacred and dear to my heart. It is one of the first times in my life that I truly listened to the needs of my mind, body and soul and began to step away from and question everyone's expectations of me.

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12-week Program


  • Very Intimate Group - Only 20 Spaces Available

  • Confidential, Private, Safe & Sacred Facebook Group

  • Weekly FB Live Lessons with Corresponding PDF Module Booklets 

  • Monthly Zoom Sessions with an opportunity for a Courageous Healing Moment with Stephanie

  • THREE - Heart to Heart Sessions with Stephanie throughout the program

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What I recognized is that no one knew what I needed. No one knew what I wanted or how I was feeling. No one had the map to my life and the more that I felt pressure to ensure that everyone around me was happy and ignored my truest and deepest needs and desires, the more I felt like I was slowly dying inside. 


If you have felt the pressure of the expectations of others regarding your response to your loss. If you have questioned whether to trust yourself or listen to the guidance of others or if you have wondered how you will ever feel happy again!


 Please join me on the 12 Week Journey of 

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Mapping Life After Loss.

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Courageous Healing With Love - Mapping Life After Loss will help you to:


  • Establish daily practices to connect to your heart space, your soul and the world around you

  • Find Freedom, Joy, and love beyond anything you have ever experienced before.

  • Learn to live and love life again.

  • Show up in your life as the most healed, authentic version of you!

  • Know that you are not alone and there is a group of women loving you and holding space for your healing journey.

  • Decide who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world - how can you be of service.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Can I meet you prior to committing to this program

A: Yes - I am offering Free 20 minute Discovery Sessions for anyone interested in meeting me and asking any questions.  Book here.

Q: What Form of Payment Can I use to Purchase the Program?

A: Accepting All Major Credit Cards and Paypal

Q: How do I book my appointments with you?

A: The schedule is already available for the entire program and all appointments will be booked through my online calendar. Once you are in the program, you will get access to my calendar link and you can either book all three of your sessions at once, or you can book one at a time. If you are unable to find a time and day that works for you (There are a ton of options available) you can just message me and we will work something out that suits both of our schedules.


Q: Will all Lives be available as recordings?

A: Yes, Of Course!  All Live videos will be uploaded to our learning portal Membervault, and will be available to view there for as long as I offer this program.


Q: What happens if I fall behind or miss a week?

A: The most important part is - never give up. All of the videos and PDF Module Booklets will be available for you in your Membervault Profile. Keep showing up for yourself. If you need additional support or a little pep talk, that is what I am here for.


Q: Will there be a Confidentiality Agreement and Intake Process?

A: Yes - Each person will be required to adhere to a confidentiality agreement for the group as well as a confidentiality agreement between myself and you. We will have intake forms for you to fill out so that I have some background and have a better understanding of who you are for our one on one sessions together.



If any other questions pop up for you that you are looking for the answer to, please go ahead and Book a 20 minute Discovery Call with Stephanie!

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