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Soaked In Grace

Connection & Expansion Group

Caterpillar - Age 12-15

Chrysalis - Age 16-19

 Open Conversation ❤   Safe  ❤   Community

These groups are for young women aged 12-15 and 16-19 years old.

This is the group that I needed when I was going through the trials and tribulations of my teenage years. I was struggling to find my place in my family, with my friends and in the world. This is the group of beautiful young women that I needed to help guide my way. 

You may be feeling unsettled in your life. Challenged in your relationships with friends or family. You may be feeling misunderstood and may have experienced a loss or trauma of some kind in your life. You may be experiencing feeling of anger, frustration, anxiety, feeling lost in day to day life 

This is a safe, open community where we will explore the challenges and curiosities of day to day life. An opportunity to discuss difficult and often taboo topics in a supportive environment. Sessions will be open discussion forum, with full participation from group members while being guided, supported and loved through conversation.

Meeting will take place online via Zoom, allowing the flexibility and comfort of your own space and will be 1½-2 hours in duration.


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Stand in Me

A Movement to inspire women to reclaim self and embrace possibility through community and connection.

Check out the NEW Stand In Me Podcast!

New Episodes launch weekly on Friday's where Carmen Smith and I dive deep. Prepare to be inspired, moved and to be invited in to what it means to you to Stand In Me.

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The Song of Your Soul

2 Day Workshop

Create a life with intention from the connection to your souls power and purpose.

❤ ❤ ❤

Create a life with Intention and Clarity. Set Intentions instead of Resolutions and Commit to a life connected to your true souls desire.



Facilitated by Stephanie Kennedy

For More Information Contact:

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More to Come...

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Keep checking back for more offerings to come or join our mailing list to be kept in the loop. 

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