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A Month on the Move

This past month has been filled with trials and tribulations and oh so much love and committent and appreciation.

We are finally here, in our new home. We arrived three days ago with the final trailer full of stuff and my parents in tow to help us with the final stage of our move to Qualicum Beach. My parents left this morning and I am filled with overwhelming sadness. It was as if we were saying goodbye to our old lives for the last time, as they walked out the door today and headed for the ferry.

There is not a doubt in my mind that this move and our new home here in Qualicum Beach is the right decision and that Daren and I will flourish here.

There is not a doubt in my mind that our lives are drastically changing and that saying goodbye to our friends and family and the relationships that we have had is challenging and sad and filled with grief.

AND there is not a doubt in my mind that if I can allow myself to feel all the sadness and grief as we mourn the loss of the life we have had and say goodbye to the relationships that we have in the form they are now, we will allow the space for the relationships to grow and change and become something new and different and even more beautiful and intimate than ever before.

Right now, I am so full of gratitude to have had my parents with us for this transition time and that Daren's parents are heading over for a visit next week, followed by a visit from my sister a couple weeks later.

My heart is achy and grateful simultaneously and I am going to marinade in that for a few days as we settle into this new life of ours in our beautifully cozy new home.

I truly feel at home here and could never be more grateful than I am right now to love and be love, to feel safe, free and completely and utterly where I am supposed to be.


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