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Daring to Surrender

I woke up this morning from a full nights sleep and feel rested, much less anxious and settled into my body. I barely slept the last three nights and I was starting to hit a strange version of myself where only part of my brain worked.

This time of our lives has been exciting and nerve wracking to say the least and the decisions that we have made have been completely guided and trusted that we are headed in the right direction. Back in the summer, my counselling supervisor told me about a workshop that she was going to be holding called Daring Surrender - A New Kind of Life. I instantly knew that I needed to sign up for it and throughout my sessions with her, there were many areas of my life where she felt this would be in service to.

fast forward to this past weekend and I find myself in a room full of people all embarking on a similar journey. Little did I know that there were so many aspects of my life that I had worked through and found peace with that were still holding on, even if just slightly.

When I looked up the definition of surrender, I really didn't like it. It was not in any way resonating with me. Then I listened to a Matt Kahn YouTube video call Surrender to Love. - Watch it here -

Surrender into love - that is how this has resonated with me. I guess there are parts of surrender that feel like a battle, like where you are in life or where you have been has felt like a battle of some kind. For me it is that my life and heart and soul have more room for softness.

My "battle" is control. I have learned that control in my life kept me safe and that is no longer the truth. I have outgrown that truth and now safety and security lies in softness, in releasing, in staying open to possibility.

During my weekend workshop, we were asked to set intentions and mine were to Stay Present and Embrace Possibility.

This was the reminder posted on the wall as we worked through the weekend and this is the reminder that I have sought to practice each moment since I have been home. Stay Present - in the moment and in each moment surrender to what is. Embracing the possibilities as they become available to me. When I calm my nervous system, stay present and breathe (this is a key factor), I can hear my heart and soul speaking to me. I know what the right thing to do next is and I can trust it.

So often in our lives now we are surrounded and engulfed in busyness, social media and the chaos of daily management. In the past I have found myself so riddled with anxiety and stress that tuning in to my breath or listening to my heart and soul sounded like a cute idea and I didn't have time. Staying present creates the space and the time. Breathing in to each moment creates a space that allows for information and connection to happen.

It is in this space of Surrendering to Love, Breathing, Connecting and purely letting go that I see the newness of my life each day. Embarking on a new adventure and getting to know myself at a deeper level daily.


Tune in, touch base, breathe, SURRENDER - Create the space to allow your needs and wants to be heard.


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