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The anticipation...The Adoption Option

Today we have an appointment with an adoption agency.

Daren and I briefly explored adoption back in 2015/2016 prior to us finding out that IVF was an option for us. We attended a couple of meets with social workers to discuss option and went to an information session. If was insanely informative and really hit a soft spot for me.

At the time, Daren wanted to give IVF a solid effort and see if it was possible for us to have a biological baby.

Adoption has always felt close to my heart. It is something I have researched, asked questions about, and fully understand the vastness and depth of another woman giving birth to a child and putting that child up for adoption.

The idea of exploring adoption as an option to expanding our family is terrifying and exhilarating and heart wrenching.

I think that I have fully processed the fact that I may never give birth to a child that we are able to raise and love in physical form. One of my friends mom's once told me that there are three ways that women become mothers.

1) Get pregnant and carry baby in your body (does not matter if it is 4 weeks, 5 months or full term)

2) Experience giving birth to a child

3) Raise, Love and guide a child through their life.

She then said to me - you have already done two of those three things and so you already are a mother and you have already had the experience of carrying and giving birth to a child. Some people only get to experience one of those, for some it is none and you are already fortunate enough to have experienced two.

Adoption gives me the hope that I could experience the third way to become a mother.

We don't know the which way we are headed quite yet - we are throwing our hats in all the rings and we are hopeful that the baby that has chosen us as their parents will be arriving one way or another.

We are nervous and excited and both of us have really set this appointment aside as thinking too much about it feels really overwhelming.

Keep you posted on how our appointment goes today! xo

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