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When your whole life changes...

Almost 3 years ago, on December 8th 2016, I was catapulted out of the life I thought I would have and then it was blown up - to smithereens.

As I went about my life before this day, I knew I was not on the right path, I knew in my heart, my gut, down to the very essence of my soul that I was not living the life I was intended to live. BUT...

I wanted a family more than anything, I wanted the security that a 9-5 career provided because that was the "responsible" thing to do. I wanted to be eligible for maternity leave, have vacation pay etc. and it didn't matter how incredible unhappy I was or that I was getting signs from the Universe left, right and center, I was determined to stay the path until I was on maternity leave and then I would focus and figure out what I was going to do for the rest of my life.

You may have heard this before and here is me telling you first hand - the Universe sends you nudges, it then makes you feel really uncomfortable and then more uncomfortable, it presents major obstacles in your path, it pushes and pushes and gets louder and louder and will literally push you to the brink to get you on the right path. I am really really stubborn and the Universe finally had to give me the one thing that I wanted to the most in this life (to be a mother) and then half way through, took that opportunity away. The Big Bang.

When we choose to live a life that goes against the grain of your very existence, the Universe will only let you go so far without intervening. Nothing is a coincidence. Nothing happens by chance. And if you get quiet enough and trust enough to allow the Universe to work for you, it most certainly will.

Losing Deacon brought me to my knees. I was not sure I was going to be able to go on without him AND losing Deacon forced me to get quiet, connect deeply to myself and hear that longing call from my soul.

The call to come back to me, the call to take action and begin aligning my life on the outside with the deep desires of my heart and soul on the inside.

These last couple weeks for me have proven that when a decision is coming from the depths of your soul and your being guided and asked to trust and surrender and you do, magical things can happen.

Daren and I have been discussing a move to Vancouver Island for about two and a half years now and have hummed and hawed back and forth and never felt it was the right time. About a month and a half ago, we both decided that it was the time to take the leap.

We had a tenant that was moving out beginning of October, and that would be the perfect opportunity to put our house up for sale and make the big move. Week 1 - Our tenant left at the beginning of October, we had the house painted and prepared for putting it on the market. Week 2 - Met with our Realtor (who is an incredible human btw), staged the house, it went live on the market and we had an accepted offer by the weekend. That same weekend a house lined up in our ideal destination of Qualicum Beach.

All that I had throughout this entire time is hope and faith that everything would work out in the best and highest good for everyone. I was being forced to trust that we were making the right decision, and surrender to the way that this was going to happen. In all honesty, we were not anticipating the house selling this quickly and we were not anticipating the closing dates to be the third week in November, however, we just have to trust that this is working in the best possible way for us.

Now that we are in tune, in touch with the flow of our lives at this time, we just have to trust that everything is going to line up as it is meant to for us to live the most fulfilled life possible.

I know it is terrifying to think that you have given up control of your fate. The reality of it is, have we ever had control over our fate? is it possible that we have more control over it when we give up the control?

I have lived through holding on too tight and losing everything and now with a much looser grip and trusting that I will be held and taken care of, I feel more safe than ever before.


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